Why is Select so expensive?

Card & Roster

For your player to be eligible to play competitive soccer in Kansas, they have to be registered, carded, and rostered through the state. This is included in your Select fees.


Tournament entry fees are by far the largest expense of the registration fees you pay for your player. This is included in your Select fees.


Most TSC teams play in a league most through Heartland league in Kansas City. This is included in our fees. We save a little from KPSL though!


Paying our staff to keep the teams organized as well as provide liability insurance, this website, TeamSnap, and other costs is also included.

Fields & Equipment

Field maintenance, equipment upkeep, property taxes, and water are expensive. We are one of the few Clubs that own their property.

Select fees
The following outlines the new Select fees.
7v7 -$649 + Trainer Fees
9v9 $699 + Trainer Fees
11v11 $749 + Trainer Fees
HS $399 + Trainer Fees
Based on an 8 month/4-month season.

Soccer is hard for parents, too.

If you need financial aid, click the button below, fill out the form, and send it to the listed address to see if you qualify. 

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Spring 2022 Select - Important Dates

  • July 31st - Registration for the 2021-22 season closes

What the heck is Techne?

Every player in the TSC Select division receives an annual subscription to Techne Futbol
as part of their registration. Learn more about why that is so important to your player's development.

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Need more info?

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