Spring 2022

Topeka Soccer Club hosts the largest recreational soccer league in Shawnee County.

Come see why.

Our Recreational soccer programs offer soccer options for every age and skill level, including adult. It is ideal for the casual player or those just entering the sport. All teams are volunteer led and get free training from our professional soccer staff to help them throughout the season.

Our Recreational soccer program provides boys and girls teams for ages U5 through U14. We welcome both fully formed teams and individuals looking to join existing teams. Although the Rec division is strictly for fun, we still expect players, coaches, and spectators to follow the TSC Code of Conduct.

The cost of this program is $99 per player and includes 8 games. We play in the fall and spring seasons. Register Now!

    Spring Session runs March - May games will be played on the weekends.
        Governor's Cup Tournament is May 13-16th
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    Fall Session runs August - October games will be played on the weekends
         Nightmare on NW 17th Street Soccer Tournament is October 2022

Our Recreational rules are looked at every year by our Board of Trustees, review them now. Recreational Rules

Looking to Coach?

All of our Rec teams have volunteer coaches. If you're wanting to be one of them, click the link below
to be taken to some info and resources to help you guide your team.

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Why is soccer so expensive?


Before 2021, the club would pay almost $30 per player PER SEASON for a uniform. Thanks to our partnership with PUMA, we have lowered that to $15.

Fields & Equipment

Field maintenance, equipment upkeep, property taxes, and water are expensive. To keep the fields playable it costs us $50 per player per season.


The most overlooked and important part of the game is our amazing referee staff. These folks deserve more, but referees cost about $25 per player per season.


Paying our staff to keep the teams organized as well as provide liability insurance, this website, TeamSnap, and other costs is about $35 per season.

The combined cost of these expenses to the club is $125 per player, a full 25% more than what we charge.

Parenting a Rec Player

Find important resources to help you and your player have the most successful season.

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The 4 Game Models of Youth Soccer

US Youth Soccer (USYS) and the US Soccer Federation  (USSF) split soccer players into 4 different groups based on age. The 4 game models are listed below and we hope this chart begins to help you and your player understand what you need to be successful when you start.

  • Ages 7-10
  • Size 4 soccer ball (Size 3 at U8)
  • Basic tactics are introduced. The offside rule is implemented. Ball skills are still the most important thing to practice
  • "Can I do it?" is still being asked. Should be starting to play with their head up
  • Teams may have up to 12 players per roster. Games are two 25 minute halves (10 minute quarters for U8)

The 3 Soccer Questions

With our Rec soccer players we try to answer the first soccer question: "Can I do it?" and move them into the second of three questions, with the second question being: "Can I do it with my head up?" For instance, can I dribble forward, backward, and to each side? Can I receive and complete a pass? Can I stop the ball from rolling?

After the answer to "Can I do it?" is "Yes!," the next question is "Can I do it with my head up?" Can I dribble forward, backward, and to each side WITHOUT LOOKING DOWN? Can I make and receive passes WHILE LOOKING AT MY TEAMMATES? Can I stop and turn and quickly look up?

Finally, players need to ask, "How fast can I do it with my head up?" Can I accomplish this action with the fewest touches possible? Can I settle the ball with a single touch? Can I dribble past my opponents or quickly find and execute a pass?

Not sure what they should practice?

6 Before 7

These are the 6 skills our coaching staff thinks your player needs to master by the time they are 7 years old.

See the 6

12 Before 10

We build on the first set with 6 additional skills that players should be comfortable with by the time they turn 10 years old.

See the 12

What age are we?

In 2016, US Soccer changed the way teams are formed by age. Although it took us a while, we are now 100% compliant. 

Need to see what age your player is in? Check the chart below. We are currently in the 2020-2021 soccer year.

Age Matrix

Spring 2022 Recreational Season - Important Dates

  • November 1st - Registration Opens
  • February 9th  - Registration Closes
  • February Date TBD - Game Model Coach Meetings
  • March 1st - Spring 2021 Rec League Schedule released
  • March 19th - First games of the season

Still have questions?

We know there's a lot of information here, but if you still can't find what you need, let us know!