KSYSA Age Matrix

Topeka Soccer Club follows the Kansas Youth Soccer Association’s Calendar Birth Year Registration, which was effective August 1, 2016. All. Age groups will be formed using the cut-off date of January 1.

  • The previous age group cut-­off of August 1 (players born on or after August 1 are eligible) was designed to keep teams on a SCHOOL YEAR basis so that teams were generally created of players within the same academic grade. For this reason, it was referred to as ‘SCHOOL YEAR’ based registration.
  • The current age group cut-­-off of January 1 (players born on or after January 1 are age eligible) is consistent with the dates used internationally in forming youth soccer teams. This cut-­off is referred to as ‘CALENDAR BIRTH YEAR’ registration.

Use the chart below to find out how to register your child.

A grid from the United States Youth Soccer association and Kansas Youth Soccer Association outlining the age level of players based on their birth years.