Where's my jersey? How supply chain issues are affecting TSC.

We've been hearing frustrations from parents about the issues TSC has had receiving jerseys for the season. We promise we are doing everything we can to stay on top of the issues we're experiencing. However, we want to be very clear that TSC is just one of many organizations dealing with this problem.

Recent news from the Guardian explains how Covid has both positively and negatively affected the global supply chain. The article explains that the Covid shopping boom has created massive shipping delays as record numbers of cargo ships wait to be unloaded in Los Angeles. As ships sit waiting in the port of LA, it's estimated that nearly 1 million semi trucks of everything from furniture to windows to our TSC Puma gear is sitting in the ocean waiting to hit the road to their final destinations.

We ask for your patience during this time. We understand your frustration, but we ask that you please do not call the office or complain to your coaches, who are already struggling with the issues this has caused. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Alex Delaney, who will direct them to our board of trustees.

Thanks for your help as we navigate this situation.

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