What to know about TSC Select tryouts

TSC Select

Topeka Soccer Club holds tryouts each year based upon the recommendations from Kansas Youth Soccer Association (KSYSA). The following outlines what to expect.

Why Register for Tryouts?

It is crucial for team determinations that all players register for tryouts in order for our coaches to have the proper information to successfully make team decisions.

All players who wish to try out for a Select Team must register online. Regardless of if you are brand new to Topeka Soccer Club, never played on an TSC team, or are currently playing on an TSC Select team but wish to change teams, you must register your player for tryouts. However, players who plan on staying on the same team from the 2020-21 season do not need to register.

If you are unable to attend tryouts, we ask that you still register online so we can reach you when necessary.

There is no fee to register or tryout for a team.


Tryouts dates are Tuesday, June 8 through Sunday, June 13, 2021. Players are expected to attend all tryout dates if possible. 


Tryouts will take place at the Sunflower Soccer Complex, 4829 NW 17th St., Topeka, KS 66618. Visit this link for tryout times and locations.


All players must provide a medical release form, which can be filled out on the player portal when you register. All medical releases must be signed after June 1, 2021. Previous medical releases are not valid and cannot be used or re-signed with a new date. We will have medical release forms at check in that can be filled out.


Before we begin, we’d like to start by saying we’re excited you’re interested in joining Topeka Soccer Club! We can’t wait to make you a member of our community.

Typically, even the most veteran players to a club find the word “tryout” intimidating, so we understand if you feel nervous. The following information is meant to make the tryout days as stress-free as possible. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Please be there 30 minutes before your designated start time. This will ensure you are properly checked in, have turned in your paperwork, have your tryout bib ready to go, and can get warmed up on the field in plenty of time.
  • Please make sure your player(s) have been registered through our online portal prior to your arrival.
  • Don’t wear new shoes unless they’ve been properly broken in before tryouts. And make sure to bring extra shoes and clothes to change into once tryouts are over.
  • Bring a ball and don’t forget to wear your cleats and shin guards to play your best!
  • Bring plenty sunscreen and water to stay hydrated during tryouts. Protect yourself from overheating.

Finally, just a few housekeeping notes regarding tryout etiquette:

  • We welcome your general questions about the club, a coach, or team. Simply ask those questions to the administrative staff on site for more information.
  • Our schedule is tight, and coaches are busy making sure every player gets what they need. Decisions won’t be made during tryouts, so please be patient and don’t ask for a decision from the tryout coach that day.
  • We will be contact you directly after tryouts with more information.
  • Parents are welcome to stay and watch, but please be respectful of the coaches and staff. We ask you not interfere with the tryout process, and please allow your player to stay focused and not distracted while they are with their group.


Waiting is the hardest part for all of us, but please know we are evaluating each player after tryouts in order to place them on the team that will be best for his/her age and skill level, because your players’ needs are our top priority. Once final decisions are made, each coach will contact their players individually by phone, text, or email to let them know where they will play for the 2021-22 season.

If you choose to accept the position offered to you, initial information will be turned into our TSC Club staff for final registration. You will receive a follow-up email from our Registrar, which will contain details on how to formally accept your position in the system and a small deposit will be required to secure your position. From this moment on, questions may be directed toward your coach. Coaches will have the information you need to prep for the upcoming season.


  • July 15 — Final day to accept an offer for players who go through the tryout process. Accept the offer by paying the $50 TSC Club Membership Fee
  • August 1 — Players who have accepted an offer must register and play the club registration fee (or authorized an 8-month payment plan)

Please note, if the Club Membership Fee is not paid by the final acceptance date, your child’s membership will be rescinded, and they will become a free agent. In addition to finalizing acceptance of the offer, the $50 TSC Club Membership Fee provides you, as the parent or guardian, the following:

  • Membership into the TSC Supporters Club, which makes you a Voting Member of Sunflower Soccer Association for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. You’ll have a voice each year in voting for the leadership of the club represented by our Board of Trustees;
  • TSC Supporters Club program benefits, which include the annual club t-shirt, insider info about the club and its growing history, a 40% discount on select Puma TSC gear, and discounts and special offers you can use at local businesses.

This price increase also includes the cost of Techne Futbol, an innovative training app that provides invaluable training while away from coaches and the fields and will help your kids build their skills. TSC believes technical skill is the foundation of success in soccer and will continue to prioritize it as the basis of player development.

We look forward to seeing you! And most importantly, good luck!


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