Select fees 101: Everything you need to know

TSC Select

Have you ever asked what Topeka Soccer Club’s Select fees cover? If you have, you aren’t alone. In an effort to be fully transparent, we wanted to take time to explain TSC costs and share how we are working to remain affordable.

If you review our explanation of costs for Select,
you’ll see what costs cover: your player’s card and roster fees from the state, tournament fees, league fees, and TSC administration fees. In total, those combined expenses to TSC are $520 per player, which falls well under the total we charge per player.

We wanted to research organizations similar to ours to compare costs. What we found may surprise you.

How does TSC compare?

We found that because our facilities are owned by Sunflower Soccer Association, we’re the only soccer organization in the region that doesn’t pay for practice space, and that’s a luxury we don’t take for granted. Your dollars do not cover our facility costs, which is a unique benefit very few soccer organizations are lucky enough to experience.

Here’s what else we found:

  • Sporting Kaw Valley’s fees are structured very similar to ours; however, they include facility rental and coach or trainer fees as well. Their base fee is $999 per year.
  • KC Fusion’s costs also have fees structured like ours. Their fees also cover facilities as well as coach or trainer fees. Their premier prices range from $1245 to $1635.
  • United FC charges $150 per month (including coach or trainer fees), plus $100 annual club dues, which equals $1600 for 10 months of soccer. Their fees do not include tournament fees, which are paid separately.
  • Kansas City Soccer Club structures their fees similarly to United FC. Players are charged $1315 for monthly club costs, club fees, and coach or trainer fees, and tournament fees are not included in that total.
We are proud of our ability to keep our rates lower than leagues similar to ours while offering the same, or even greater, value. Our hope is that you will see how hard we work to ensure TSC serves all youth in the greater Topeka area.

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