Fall 2020 Rec Coach's Meeting - In Case You Missed It

Download the presentation slides here!

Need a Rec Roster Form to turn into the office? Download it here!

Here are some of the questions & answers from the meetings that you may not be able to hear:

  1. Q: There are players that are on the roster I submitted but they’re not showing up on my TeamSnap team.

         A: We are adding new players every day. If your player is still missing on August 14th, please let us know!

  1. Q: How do we know if players on our teams have registered or not?

          A: We will have to check for players for you after registration closes on August 8th, 2020. If you are still missing a player at that point, have them contact us. Please tell your families to register early!

  1. Q: When we reserve practice spaces online, are we limited to one or two per week?

          A: Rec teams are limited to one reservation per week.

  1. Q: Will there be any games held at KNI?

          A: No. All games are at Sunflower’s complex.

  1. Q: I haven’t filled out a coach conflict form. Where do I find that?

          A: We are foregoing conflict forms this season and allowing coaches or teams with conflicts to reschedule games on their own. We will revisit this policy before the Spring 2021 season.

  1. Q: The age group change is causing problems for my team. What can I do?

          A: We are going to be very flexible about how we apply this change. Please reach out to us to discuss what we think is best for your team.

  1. Q: Is there any way we can block out a practice time each week without making a reservation?

          A: Unfortunately, not at this time. This is something we are paying very close attention to and hope to roll out for coaches as soon as possible.

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